Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Restorative Escape for Cancer Survivors and Their Families

What if...

When you were diagnosed, there was a place you could go to forget about cancer, even for a little while?

What if...

After finishing treatments, there was space and time available to you outside of a clinical setting, a place to rediscover what life is about and reconnect with your loved ones, and yourself...a restorative escape from the world of cancer?

There is such a place.

Many people fighting cancer, as well as their family members and caregivers, experience mental distress both during and after diagnosis and treatment.  It's a time of great uncertainty, when everything in life has suddenly changed.  

We're building a place to provide these "restorative escapes" for cancer patients and their families.  

We are currently giving free, one week stays to cancer survivors at our current vacation cabin in Maricao, Puerto Rico.  While we get our nonprofit up and running, we have begun work on our primary goal - to provide space and assistance to cancer patients who are rebuilding their lives.

On this World Cancer Day, we salute those who are currently battling cancer, those who have survived it and put it behind them, and those we have lost to the disease.  You can honor someone whose life has been touched by cancer by making a gift in their name to this project.  Please go to Renewed Hope/Esperanza Renovada to read more about the project and make a donation.

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