Monday, February 9, 2015

Our New VIP Program!

Announcing the launch of our VIP program!  

What is the VIP Program?  

VIP stands for Vacation Investment Plan, and it's a win-win situation for all.  You get a unique vacation spot at a guaranteed price, while at the same helping to provide free restorative escapes for cancer survivors and their families.  We get upfront funding to expand our project.  Here's how it works:

Choose from one of two options:  Option 1 - receive two weeks reserved lodging space each year for the next ten years for a one time investment of $10,000.  Option 2 - receive one week for $5,000.  Prices are guaranteed and there are no additional fees.  

The VIP Program is for individuals, families, companies, and supporters of cancer organizations.  Families can pool together and split the cost and time.  Companies can use their investment as an employee incentive, a gift to key clients or suppliers, or as lodging for employees while traveling to Puerto Rico for work purposes.  Donors to cancer organizations may purchase a VIP package and donate it to the charity of their choice for use as a fundraising incentive, leveraging the donation amount.

Best of all, you can start using your investment now at our existing cabin!

Check out the details at get ready to enjoy a Puerto Rico vacation!

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